• The world's first Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children was a memorable experience. Those 3 filled days of great speakers and insightful research has truly inspired me to strive for a healthier future for Canadian youth. It was also a reality check, Canadians are receiving a failing grade in physical activity. It is a sad reality we must accept but one we must strive to change.

    The event brought together the top health leaders from across the world and if you were there, odds are, you probably exchanged your business card with awesome reps from great initiatives. Personally, I believe the real impact of the event happens now. It’s up to us to build and foster those relationships we sparked while at the summit, it’s time for us to connect, collaborate, and work towards the same goal.

    As Central Canada Manager for the 60 Minute Kids’ Club, I can honestly say that we are where we are because of our great partners and our willingness to collaborate. Since the onset of the 60MKC program, our goal has been to approach the inactivity epidemic as a coalition, ensuring the message is amplified across all health leaders.

    That being said, one of my major take aways from the Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children are the partnerships we developed with organizations. Just 1 week after the summit, I'm happy to share that Monkeynastix and Variety Village will be assisting us in our Ontario Grand Prize Event come June 9th, 2014. Both are organizations that we met for the first time while at the Summit.

    Working with both these organizations, we will be acknowledging the most active school in Ontario by providing them with an activity day. Students and staff will enjoy a full day of activities and an opportunity to enjoy activities provided on behalf of Monkeynastix and Variety Village.

    The Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children reaffirmed our knowledge on the problem, more importantly it provided us with a networking opportunity that can generate collaborative solutions. Making that leap is up to us though.

    This is what our movement for movement is all about. 

    We know what the problem is, let’s work on the solution together. Join in and let’s get Canadian youth active and healthy together!

  • The 2014 TDSB Healthy Schools 5k Run/Walk was a massive success.  The event was a Celebration of Healthy Active Living that gave staff, students and community members the chance to interact with one another and to provide schools an opportunity to learn of the great programs that help schools become Healthy Schools. 

    As I looked around, I couldnt't help but just have a smile cheek to cheek. A sunny day with hundreds of kids having fun and being active. An awesome and rewarding experience that truly captured the 60MKC Movement! Make sure to look through the event photos below and see for yourself how we are making a movement for movement.

    The 60 Minute Kids’ Club is happy to have lead the warm ups and engage all participants throughout the event. As an official partner of the Toronto District School Board, we are thrilled to be supporting Healthy Schools with our free 60MKC resources. We are also excited to be identifying all TDSB Healthy Schools as 60MKC schools.

    Together, 60MKC and the TDSB will be ensuring schools register for the 60MKC Challenge. By doing so, TDSB schools will also be identifying themselves as Healthy Schools.

    The 2014 TDSB Healthy Schools 5k Run/Walk is just one example of how we will be collaborating with the TDSB in the upcoming years. We are also content to be providing great resources to schools and teachers that will further promote healthy habits in kids and their families. We encourage all TDSB staff, students and their parents to visit http://60mkc.org to get started today!

    Make sure to identify yourself as a TDSB Healthy School by signing up for the 60 Minute Kids’ Club today!

    Visit the photo album of the event as well and see the great experience we shared. Together with your support we can further this movement for movement and re-instill physical literacy in kids across Canada!

    We also encourage you to view the TDSB Healthy Schools 5k Run/Walk socialhub.

  • As the weather gets warmer and the snow slowly starts to melt away, the Spring air promotes more activate transportation. Active transportation refers to the any form of human-powered transportation such as walking, jogging, running, in-line skating, skateboarding non-mechanized wheel chairing and biking


    Taking part in activate transportation will help maintain a healthier lifestyle by increasing physical activity and reduce the amount of money spent on gas, parking and public transit fare. Active transportation also helps the environment by reducing road congestion and reducing vehicle-related greenhouse gas emissions


    Many communities encourage activate transportation with different supports. Dedicated bike lanes and cycling paths. Racks and secure storage for parking bicycles. Precautions to ensure pedestrians, cyclists, and other active transportation users can integrate safely with vehicle traffic. Public transit facilities combined with pedestrian and cycling facilities. Diver education programs that teach us the rules of sharing the road with other. 


    With the change in weather, active transportation should be the  first choice of transportation. Walk or bike with your kids to daycare or school instead of driving them. Ride your bike to work instead of taking the car. And on your way to grocery stores take your kids and walk or bike together to get your shopping done. 


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